Deep Purple
Come Hell Or High Water (1993) cd2  
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Featuring Deep Purple live at the Birmingham NEC in November 1993.
The tracklist includes: 'Highway Star', 'Perfect Stranger', 'Paint It Black', 'Smoke On The Water', 'Twist In The Tale' and 'Black Night' to mention but a few.

I can't believe the criticism this DVD gets! Purple were all about conflict (As were Rainbow) and to see this kind of disharmony live is unreal. I was at this concert and spent the first half of Highway Star frantic because Blackmore wasn't there. It was pure theatre when he came strolling out for the solo. If only modern bands existed in three dimensions. The atmosphere was incredible all night and I think it translates well to screen. I saw Purple 3 times - this was definately the best. A piece of history.

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