The Shed Subtle  

I'm like a freight train
Feelin' no pain
I never turn back one track
Better step aside

Like a shotgun
I'm really someone
You'll feel my heatwave
Won't save anyone near to me

I'm steel
So come and try to bend me if you can, hah
I don't feel
Before you know it it's over
Get out of my way
I'm street walking, street walking
Night stalking, I'm street walking

No reputation
You better quick run
Cause I got no time I'll climb
All over you

You need a strong hand
To be a mean man
You've got to think fast
I'll last longer than you could know

I'm steel
So won't you come and try to bend me if you can
I don't feel
Before you know it it's over
Out of my way
I'm street walking

Hey, I'm a wild cat
Don't need to prove that
I'm always howlin' prowlin'
Stalkin' my prey

It could be your night
To feel the dog bite
And hear the slashing, crashin'
Tearin' inside of you

I'm steel
So come and try to break me if you can, no way
Like a wheel
About to roll you over
Get out of my way
I'm street walkin', street walkin'
No talkin', street walking
Night stalking, street walking
No talkin', I'm street walkin', yeah
Street walkin', street walkin'
Night stalking, street walking

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Дата выхода: 1978 год
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