Run With The Wolf  
In the light of day
You can hear the old ones say
Was the sound last night the wind?
Can you feel the change begin
By the fall of the show
A single soul will go
With foot steps on the white
There's an unholy light

There's a hole in the sky
Something evil's passing by, what's to come Refrain
When the siren calls you go
To run with the wolf

When the world makes a turn
Then eyes of one will learn
That a sound just like the wind
Only makes the change begin
By the end of the rain
The feelings passed again
From the things that shap and bite
An unholy light


There's a break in the ground
Like the swirling waters
Angry as they pull you down
When the siren calls you go
To run with the wolf } 2 times


Like a beast in the field
You know his fate is still
To run with the wolf
To run with the wolf

Seas that make you know it's late now we go
To run, run, run, to run, run, run with the wolf
Run, run, run, run now we go

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Дата выхода: 1976 год
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